Test Ride: Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6 Fattie

What’s a guy like me doing riding a bike like this? The short answer is, having fun!


Although I love riding trails, I’m not a mountain biking kind of guy, but this Turbo Levo is a kind of cycling machine that I have not before experienced

Specialized has attacked the concept and design of this full suspension e-mountain bike by building a trail bike with the hallmarks of their highly respected mountain bikes, while streamlining the design for full integration of their Turbo technology.

Like those trail favourites, the Turbo Levo FSR has the feel, response and agility mountain bikers want, however the power on board allows them to go longer, further and higher than possible on a regular mountain bike.

Again, I’m never been a mountain biking guy but after a brief rip in the nearby trails, even I get what this bike is about; I can only imagine the experience with a really rider aboard.

Looking at the tech side of it, the Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie is nicely set up on its aluminum frame using a 140mm RockShox Revalation fork and the trail tuned Fox Float Performance rear shock for suspension. Hydraulic disc brakes are SRAM DB5 and the group set is SRAM one-by 11-speed. The trail tuned 250W motor is custom-built for Specialized and it is powered by a custom LEVO 460Wh battery.

As the e-mountain bike scene continues to develop in Asia, Europe and North America, more and more thrill seekers will want to personally know the experience of a pedal assist e-mountain bike. It’s not that they’re better, that’s for individuals to decide, but they are different, offering an enhanced ride on the trails.

If you are thinking about how to enhance your ride, drop into any of our Gears Bike Shop stores to talk about the soon-to-arrive 2018’s and to go for a test ride. You will easily imagine yourself riding trails, as you never have before.

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