The Gears – Jac

With an eBike, you’re never too old.

Jac is a young guy who works part time in our service department. From my perspective almost everyone is young, so when I say young, I mean really young, like still-in-high-school young. Nonetheless, he’s a very cool guy, an awesome bike mechanic and quite a cyclist.


After getting to know him a little it turns out he lives just a couple of streets away from my place. Every once in awhile things line up so we are both leaving at the same time and we ride together to our destination. Today was one of those days. It’s now that time of summer when darkness falls by the time we close up so after checking our lights, we set off. Thankfully, I am riding an e-bike; it’s the only possible way I could stay with him.

Did I mention he’s a teen who bikes every day? And by the way, his bike is a beautiful Giant TCX, and he goes like a gazelle. At home and thinking about the ride, and the pure fun of riding with a young friend, brought into sharp focus the fact that without an e-bike I never would have had that memory. In fact, there are a number of things I’ve experienced because of riding an e-bike starting with getting back on a bike for the first time in years.

Aside from getting back on two wheels and riding with guys like Jac, the most enjoyable part of riding again is exploring the city as I never once did it in the 25 years I previously lived here. So to my young friend Jack, to all my colleagues at Gears, and to our e-bike suppliers, many thanks for your camaraderie, the fun-filled days at the store, and for allowing me to recapture the simple joy of cycling by introducing me to e-bikes.

And to our customers, please let us introduce you to e-bikes, the newest technology in bicycles. Drop into any of our stores to test ride one – at the very least you will leave with a smile and a better understanding of why pedal-assist e-bikes are becoming so popular for so many different people.

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