Test Ride: Easy Motion Evo Big Bud

People visiting our store, upon seeing the Evo Big Bud from Easy Motion, respond with words like zany, weird, puzzling, and ask why someone would buy something like that. Upon hearing the reasons why, their response is generally something like oh, I get it, that’s cool, and makes sense.

EasyMotion_BigBudThe very notion of All Wheel Drive on an e-bike seems zany, doesn’t it? Well, not as zany as you might think! After putting it through its paces (as far as my ability goes to test it like a true mountain biker) I can report that it’s incredibly fun to ride!

Although you can easily switch to any of the control settings for the type of drive combination you may want, I tried it only in ‘All’ mode, meaning both motors engaged all the time. And Wow! The combination of a motor in each hub and the 4-inch fattie tires means you can go just about anywhere off-road.

And off-road I went! Yikes! I may mentioned in another post that I’m not much of a mountain biking kind of guy, and when I say not much of one, I mean I never did it before, not like this. Oh, I rode on trails, you know, light gravel on a rather smooth surface with gentle rises and dips meandering about. This trail wasn’t that!

The previous post I just referred to was about the test ride I took with a customer who accepted my offer to hit some nearby trails. He was on a full suspension e-mountain bike and I rode the Big Bud.

Foolishly, I led the first leg on our short trail trial and I believe it clearly showed that it could be done much better, so from then on, he led and had an awesome time. The thing is though, so did I; it was fantastic!

Had I done the trail alone, I would have taken it more cautiously and not enjoyed the exhilaration of a (little) more aggressive approach. Other than riding with someone else, a large part of the enjoyment was knowing I was on a powerful machine, and feeling comfortable that it was absolutely made to deliver this kind of fun.

Back at the store, the Big Bud is now back in its place on the floor, fully charged and waiting to attract more comments and inquiries. If you want to enjoy the fun and exhilaration from riding the Big Bud, come by our Leaside store to check it out.



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