Air Show, e-Bikes & Coincidences

It’s been quite awhile since an air show was in my head but on Saturday I found myself going out in the street drawn by the thunder of jet engines. Modern day fighter jets are really quite something to behold and it’s easy to be awestruck.

Mark on his e-bike

So yesterday, while listening to the radio and making myself a little brunch, I heard about the air show happening again. It only took a little time to realize I could simply hop on my e-bike and make it down to the lake in time to see the show.

That’s one of the very best benefits of having an e-bike, the ability to live a more spontaneous life. In the plan to go, there was no need to worry about how close to the action I could get with a car or where to park it, I simply had to get on my e-bike and start pedaling south until got to the lake.

Getting there was quick and efficient and then it was only a matter of positioning for a good view. Marilyn Bell Park seemed like a wide-open space facing the water so that’s where I headed. I threaded my way through the people scattered throughout the park and when I spied another e-bike, I wandered over to say hi.

Mark is a young successful businessman who really enjoys his e-bike. Although he was on his own, he said more and more of his friends and family are getting e-bikes, not only for the travel efficiency in the city but for the pure fun of it.

As we chatted, I learned he was in TV and film production, and told him I was in the retail bicycle business, specifically focusing on e-bikes at Gears. He did not purchase his bike from us but had dropped into our Port Credit store earlier in the summer for a small item.

Standing with our bikes, we marveled over the jaw-dropping maneuvers of the jets as the unbelievable level of sound drowned out any thought of conversation. Between acts, we carried on our conversation and it turns out a friend of his, a man he sold his first business to, was interested in buying a Specialized Levo e-mountain bike, and he wondered if he had been into our store.

Nick was his name but it was the last name that registered – he hadn’t been in, but a man with the same last name had. He test rode the Turbo Levo and was so delighted with it he ordered a 2018, upgraded model. We had spent more than an hour together and told me that he had convinced many of his siblings and other friends & family to get e-mountain bikes as well.

Life is funny isn’t it? Thoughts trigger events and events trigger other occurrences. In this case, the thought of seeing the air show up close spontaneously sent me down to the lake on my e-bike; another e-bike drew me over and into a conversation with a random stranger; the conversation revealed that a friend of his was thinking of buying an e-mountain bike; that friend turned out to be the brother of a man who ordered a similar e-mountain bike from me last week. Wow! The only thing left to do now is to close the circle by telling the brothers about the encounter by the lake.

If you want to live a little more spontaneously, believe me, an e-bike can help, and we can help get you on one. Drop by any of our stores to learn about e-bikes and take a test ride, it could give your life a boost in more ways than one.

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