Test Ride: The Benno Boost E 10D

A Delivery Vehicle for Today’s Toronto

If you have followed this blog at all (early days yet), you have read about the two main groups who are interested in e-bikes, commuters & Baby Boomers. We see this directly because we sell the kind of e-bikes those two groups want, and they are our highest selling models.

Another important group not yet mentioned however are commercial users; people who want an e-bike for their business or job-related needs. In this era of Amazon and the ‘last mile’ in delivery for all kind of merchandise, and independent food delivery, e-bikes are gaining more and more profile because they can move around the urban setting easier than a car and go faster, further and longer than a regular bike and rider. In the delivery business, being more efficient equates to heightened earning power.


With respect to the types of e-bikes Gears should represent, I’ve been a fan of this category for awhile, so when Michael from our Canary store emailed me to suggest I go down to his store to take a Benno Boost for a rip, I said I’d be there the next day. Did I mention the Boost is a normal sized, beautifully designed e-cargo bike powered by Bosch?

While it may look good, it’s all business when it comes to load capacity – 55 lbs. on the front rack (not part of basic package) and 110 lbs. on the rear rack. Furthermore, with the proven Bosch Performance Mid-Drive System, Shimano Deore LX 10-Speed, Deore Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and Aluminum Alloy frame, the ride is impressively smooth and powerful, and the stopping power is quite reassuring.

When I was out and about with it, I dropped by the Distillery District to see if it would draw some attention (it did), when I saw the rusted-out flatbed delivery truck that is part of the historic connection to the area and industry. Thinking it would be a provocative prop, I took a number of shots of the Boost alongside the antique truck (see above) to show the delivery method of yesteryear juxtaposed with the delivery method of today and tomorrow.

The Benno Boost is at our Gears Bike Shop, Canary store location and available for viewing and test rides. Although we don’t yet represent the Benno brand, we do have this demo e-bike on display for the benefit of our customers who may see this as the answer to their commercial needs. If this is you, or someone you may know, come into the Canary location to check our the Benno Boost, it will carry you away!

Editor’s Note: Beyond the amazing cargo capacity of this bike (and loads of accessory options) we found the Benno to also be one of the best riding e-bikes we’ve tested in some time. Despite its function for carrying loads, this bike feels nimble and extremely well balanced. The 24″ wheels allow it to accelerate and slow-down quickly, as well as giving the bike added maneuverability for tight streets, alleys and laneway. A total winner in our books, its no wonder this bike was a Bicycling Magazine Editors Choice Winner in 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.10.43 PM


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