Test Rides are Free! (And a test ride will change your life!)

It is next to impossible to explain how an electric pedal assist bike works so that someone who has never ridden an e-bike would actually understand.

The solution is simple: Take a Free Test Ride!

Quality retail establishments like Gears, have a large selection of ebikes to choose from and a team of professionals who understand the “what”, “why”, “how (much)” etc.

Recently, I was in a Easy Motion Electric Bike dealership in Winnipeg. The attached Instagram Video will show you the excitement and “A-HA!” moment of how someone who NOW understands the e-bike phenomenon thanks to taking a ride.


Go in to your nearest Gears location and take a Free Test ride on a BH/Easy Motion Ebike out for yourself. Just like in the video link, “It will blow your mind!” 🙂


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