My Feet, Richmond Hill & E-bikes 

To reach my destination in time for a 9:30am appointment I planned to leave at 7 so I could have a little time over a coffee at the Covernotes Tea & Coffee House. Never having done this trip before other than by car, I wanted to ensure I had enough time. Turns out I had plenty.


The reason for this trip was because of my feet and a follow-up meeting at an excellent foot clinic where my foot doctor (Podiatrist) Stuart Sackman presides. The first meeting was last week and to ensure I got there in time, I went by car. This time I went on my trusted e-bike – destination, Richmond Hill.

My route was straight up Bathurst to Major Mackenzie then east to Yonge St. and north a few blocks to Covernotes. Along the way I came to Earl Bales Park just as the sun was coming up and I had to stop to take a couple of shots – simply stunning! Then I was off again.

It was such smooth sailing that my estimated time of 1 1/2 hours was bettered by 25 minutes – 65 minutes to do 30km. Now I had an hour and a half at the coffee house to write a bit and browse a bit. You see, Covernotes as the name might suggest, sells used books as well as delicious coffee and tasty baked treats – great idea, awesome spot!

Richmond Hill was incorporated as a village in 1873, and gained recognition as a town in 1957. Today it stands as Canada’s most populous town with over 200,000 residents. Along with the historical building that houses Covernotes, there are many historical buildings and sites to see if you want to take the time to explore some of Ontario’s local history.

Richmond Hill plaque

After my appointment, I headed over to Mill Pond and took a few more beauty shots before turning east to go visit Richmond Green as Clarisse from Covernotes suggested. A brief stop for a little nourishment to fuel the trip back, and I headed south on Bayview. At Lawrence Ave., I turned west toward home and was on the last leg.

Mill Pond

An inspiring morning ride up to Richmond Hill turned into the exploration of a beautiful town I had only passed through previously. All in all, I peddled more than 90km and when I arrived home, I still had 26% of battery charge left. What intrigues me most is now I’m now doing exciting and mindful things I never did before all because of having an e-bike in my life.

If you want to explore our outstanding southern Ontario countryside in an astounding way get an e-bike, your experiences and health will soar. Come see us a Gears Leaside, or any of our Gears Bike Shops, and we’ll set you up with a test ride that could change your life for the better, much better! Come ride the future, come ride an e-bike.

Earl Bales Park

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