Happy-Machines, uh, I mean, E-bikes – they’re here to stay!

The thing about blogs is, although great for information sharing and story-telling, how does anyone find yours when so many already exist, and more and more are created every day. Through connectivity and community, you just simply have to believe that your topic will matter to the people you want as readers.


Like-minded people always seem to find their way to the subject matter that has meaning or interest for them. This is how blogs find an audience; certain people eventually end up there because the subject matter appeals to them. If the subject is of interest to a big enough number of people, it will start to amass a large and growing audience.

In thinking about how people will find our blog, we have to go back to the reason E-Bike Emporium was started, and that is to do our part to help people live happier lives. ‘Happiness’ is an interesting topic for almost everyone and when most people in Canada still don’t know about e-bikes, ‘Happy Machines for Happier Lives’ might be a better title to promote e-bikes.


Using two basic parameters, people are generally happier when they are healthy, and when they appreciate the simple pleasures life has on offer. E-bikes address both of these life-affirming conditions – they encourage you to be more active, therefore fitter, and they represent one of the absolute purest and simplest pleasures in life, cycling.

Imagine an e-bike in your life. You are now on your way to living happier as you use it to get around, enjoy being outdoors, have fun, exercise, connect with family, friends, neighbours, meet people, save money on transportation costs, and importantly,reduce your environmental impact.

In consideration of all that, I really think we need to think of e-bikes as ‘happy machines’ –  that’s a sure way to gain a broader audience.


If you imagine yourself leading a happier, healthier life, think about getting an e-bike. And when you do think about getting an e-bike, come visit any of our Gears Bike Shop locations to take a test ride and feel the joy first hand. It will become much easier to envision yourself as a healthier and happier person.

Ride the future at Gears.

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