Bike Lockers in Town

Today started out with a plan to replace some documents lost when my wallet went missing. By using the e-bike I’m riding this week I thought I’d save time and so off I went, along with my trusted Kryptonite lock of course.

My route was straight down the Christie St. bike lane to Bloor St. to catch that bike lane over to Bay and down to College and Service Ontario.

Pedalling down Christie was fun since it’s mostly downhill and once I reached Bloor I fell in line behind a woman. She had two others in front of her, and someone fell in line behind me. It seemed like a busy well-used bike route.

Not being very familiar with riding in this area, I must say it was a pleasure to be riding an e-bike. It allowed me to keep a rather gentle pace behind the leaders in our mini urban peloton, without the feeling of needing to pass.

Arriving at my destination, I surveyed the spacious area outside 777 Bay St. and walked my e-bike over to the long bike rack close to the door. As I stood pondering whether or not this would be a safe place for an hour or more  I saw a couple of security guards and thought I’d ask their opinion about the safety of the area.

After a good chat (half the time spent answering their questions about my e-bike) I decided to take their advice and not leave my ride locked in the bike rack. While talking, they pointed out the bike locker behind them and told me that people who work in the building can rent a space in the locker. They are given a pass key and then bikes are locked inside the secure locker.

Bike locker 1

This lead-up brings me to my point; the city or private parking lot operators need to be installing more secure bike lockers like this one. E-bikes are an excellent choice of vehicle to replace cars in our ever-increasingly congested city, but commuters need to know that when they ride them to a downtown office, they will have a secure solution for their e-bike while they work.

We hope to hear more about bike lockers in the city (where existing ones are located & where others are planned) as E-Bike Emporium continues. We will always try to be the voice for the newly emerging pedal-assist e-bike sector. More people are inquiring about and acquiring e-bikes every week, and with every new e-bike purchase, the cry rises for secure bike lockers.

At Gears Bike Shop, we’re very invested in e-bikes – Come Test Ride the Future!

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