Review: Electra Townie Commute Go!

Again, a special e-bike has been dropped off at our Canary District store for display and demos (what’s with Canary getting all the e-bike goodies, is it because they have the loudest chirp? lol) so I get an email from Michael who gives me the lowdown. This time it is the Electra Townie Commute Go! One of the three new e-bike models being introduced by Electra for 2018.


Even though the Go! line is just being launched this year, Electra has been making beautiful bikes for 20 years with the popular Townie headlining their catalogue. Now Electra has added an initial line of e-bikes to their offerings as they finally complete the destiny of their name – introducing the Electra Electric Bikes.

Electra has branded the line ‘Go!’ as in, Go! to work; Go! to the lake; Go! to the store, Go! further, G…uh well, you get the idea. The vision behind the design of the Commute Go! is to combine utility with their well-known comfort to create an urban vehicle that can replace automobiles for commuting and the many other local trips and errands normally taken by car.

Powered by the proven Bosch Performance System (250W mid-drive and PowerPack 400 battery) offering four levels of assist, the Townie Commute Go! allows you to tackle your commute, or any ride about town, with ease. It sports all the upgrades needed for a long, easy ride to work: Colour-matched fenders to keep it clean in all conditions, front and rear racks of the heavy-duty kind to let you carry your things for the trip, and front and rear LED lighting to illuminate your nighttime route or adventure.

After seeing it in the store, I decided to take it for a little spin over to the next-door Distillery District to get some photos and see if it attracted some passersby attention – it did! I noticed a few people eyeing it as I used the built-in frame lock to immobilize it while I went to get a coffee. With so many people in line, I turned on my heels only to meet a man standing beside the Go! checking it out. I asked what he thought of it and that began a 10 minute conversation.

He was impressed with the power system but was also wowed with the equipment like the Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub and twist shift (an external 21 gear version is also available), and the Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes. He initially thought I worked in delivery because of the heavy-duty fender racks and the over-sized tote bag on the rear, and although I don’t use a bike for my work, I agreed that the Commute Go! would fill that role nicely.

We are not currently carrying these models, however we do have this one for a period of time for customers to demo, and we are able to order them. The analogue Electra Townie has developed a huge following in the last 20 years, now the Townie Go!, Townie Commute Go, and Loft Go! are sure to build their own fan base.


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