Sunlight & Warmth, Where Is It?

Springtime 2018 can start anytime now! 


People in my neighbourhood, in the GTA, southern Ontario, and most of eastern Canada can be heard muttering about the extended winter we are experiencing.

At the store, we hear the same complaint but amplified because of the ‘exposed-to-nature’ nature of cycling; ‘when are we going to start the season’?

Well friends, the good news was broadcast this morning. Although the start of the week is a poor reflection of what we are imagining, by the weekend, it will be hitting 15 degrees! That should get things going in the right direction.

Funny thing is though, regardless of what’s been happening outside, more and more people are coming into the shop asking about e-bikes, and many more conventional cyclists end up in conversations about them. Usually they ask ‘why all the growing fuss’, and that leads to a better understanding of why e-bikes are increasingly popular.

When speaking with a ‘conventional cycling’ customer about e-bikes, they are generally surprised to know about the various groups using e-bikes and why are they buying them – 55+ age group, families opting for one instead of a 2nd car, commuters wanting to arrive at work happy and fresh, delivery people who depend on their mobility ability in heavy traffic, under 55’s who want more extreme adventure in the hills, trekkers who want to go longer distances, people who want to keep up with family and friends, and many others.

The conversations often lead to them agreeing to take a few laps around our test ride area to provide me with some rider feedback, which of course is now based on first-hand experience.

The post-ride conversation then leads to the magical question, who do you know who could use one?

With a new, enlightened understanding of the benefits of e-bikes and why they are gaining visibility on the roads and bike paths in the GTA, they then become a knowledge-based advocate – another person who can answer questions about e-bikes when they arise.

So, here we go again – the start of another season of cycling and e-bikes. How very exciting!

Cycling The 6ix

See you out there!


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