WOW! The Meadoway is Awesome!

Great news for anyone who believes in nature and cycling. I read on Blog T.O. that over the next seven years, Toronto will invest in building a continuous trail from downtown Toronto to the Rouge Valley in Scarborough.


The project’s progress can be followed on their web site ( where it states, “The Meadoway is transforming a barren power corridor into a vibrant 16-kilometre stretch of urban greenspace and meadowlands that will become one of Canada’s largest linear urban parks.”  “The Meadoway will connect 4 ravines, 15 parks, 20 kilometres of trail, 34 neighbourhoods, 500 acres, and more than 1,000 diverse species of flora and fauna.

If you believe in:

  • Access to nature
  • Cleaner and greener mobility
  • Safer cycling and active transportation
  • Growing your own food
  • Building stronger communities…!

…then this project is for you!


This is awesome news for everyone in the area of the project, and also for all cyclists – on both conventional and e-bikes. Now, people who wish to commute by bicycle from the north east will have a safe corridor to travel toward downtown. E-bike commuters and leisure riders will love this new development in the continuing evolution of safe cycling infrastructure.

Even though it will not be completed until 2025, I will be e-xploring what is currently in place and seeing how far I can go from the Don Valley toward the Toronto Zoo in the Rouge.

Cycling The 6ix

See you there!

(images are from website)


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