Uber News…!

The day after I heard about The Meadoway project, news about Uber’s acquisition of Jump, a dockless bike share company dropped – great news if they decide to come to our area.


After testing the program in conjunction with Jump in San Francisco, they have reputedly offered $100 million to acquire the company. Their plan, which features dockless e-bikes, includes rolling the program out in 40 cities across 6 countries.

Dockless bike share simply means the units may be located anywhere bikes can be parked, and can be left at their destination anywhere a bike can be parked – a lock is provided with the bike. This type of program has proven a more popular way to motivate people onto two wheels, especially when the program offers e-bikes for use.

More on these two exciting news items in future posts.

Cycling The 6ix!

See you out there.

Editors Note: You might thing that competition like Uber and Jump would have us worried at Gears Bikes Shop? But that is not the case. Such announcements are a continued affirmation of the power of cycling, and that the more people are exposed to cycling… well… the better for all. Less congestions, greener livable cities and a fitter more active population. 


One thought on “Uber News…!

  1. Dockless bikes clutter public bike racks and are often dropped on sidewalks. The system with docking assures that they go into their own place. In China, the clutter of drop bikes is already a serious problem. Dockless electric motor scooters are appearing in San Francisco, and have the city trying to figure out how to control them. We’ve had dockless bikes in downtown Toronto last year and the problems were obvious. They have not reappeared – perhaps they are done.


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