Happy Haibike day!

Time to ride, and for me that means another season of riding e-bikes – my own (once I buy it) and those of the shop’s in order to provide e-bike raves, reviews and overviews from my perspective. Today, it’s the Haibike Xduro Cross 3.0 and I’m told it’s got some jump!


This intro is being written before I actually get on the Haibike, and I’m very keen to try it since I’ve never yet been on a Haibike. The reason for my excitement is what I already know about this model; it targets commuters, tourers and explorers. For anyone interested in a bike for our trails and ravines, as well as a solid city ride, this is an e-bike you should try.

  • Some of the Haibike hardtail’s highlights can be found in the Xduro Cross 3.0 specs; the most impressive ones are:
  • The motor – Bosch Performance Line CX – powerful, high-torque (used on their higher-end mountain bikes)
  • Clean lines featuring internal cable routing in a hydroformed aluminum frame
    Tektro hydraulic brakes combined with large rotors (180mm front, 160mm rear)
  • SRAM NX derailleur – a new system featuring SRAM’s X-Horizon design ensuring smooth and reliable shifts through the 1×11 SRAM cassette
  • 28-inch wheels with narrow Alex rims and Schwalbe Smart Sam 700C tires
  • Easy-to-read and use Bosch Intuvia power control system


Knowing all that was generating anticipation before I even rode it. More after I ride…

Whoa Baby! After a couple of days riding to and from work on the Xduro Cross 3.0, along with a little exploration, I can tell you that this e-bike is everything they say it is and more. Commuting, you can get to the maximum power-assisted speed of 32 kph fairly easily, the key is to not try to go any faster, simply use a higher gear to ride at an easy pace and arrive at your destination fresh, happy and ready to work.

When it comes time to workout, this e-bike is quite an exercise and sports machine allowing the rider to vigorously explore most of the bike trails offered in the Toronto region’s parks and ravines with relative ease while having loads of fun.

Riders can have confidence in the bike’s ability to handle the bumps and turns by knowing that Haibike, a German company started in 1995, is known for their superb line-up of mountain bikes throughout Germany, Europe and beyond.

The fully charged Bosch 500 Powerpack provided more than enough range to cover my 16 km round trip commute for the four days I used it, and two bars (out of 5) still showed afterward.

The supplied charger from Bosch is their new compact 2A charger which is 30% smaller and lighter than their standard charger. The handiness of having it with you and the ease of carrying it compensates for the longer charging time required by the smaller unit.


Once equipped with the appropriate lights, fenders, rack and bags, the Haibike Xduro Cross 3.0 represents an ideal commuting bike regardless of the make-up of your route. On weekends, this e-bike turns into the ideal trekking bike with the means to take you on wonderful adventures.

If that’s what you are looking for, drop by our shop to try one out. It’s truly a thrill.

See you out there!

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