Review: BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X

Written by Derry Bunting (Gears Oakville)

I recently had the opportunity to ride the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X eBike from our Oakville shop home to Mississauga and back again on my 24 kilometre daily commute! I couldn’t be more excited about this bike!

The Rebel Gravel X is a High Performance Electric Pedal Assist Gravel Bike that will takes you anywhere you want to venture, offering real fun and confidence that almost no hill is too high and no ride is too far. The Rebel Gravel X will always get you there and back, whether you are riding on gravel, off road, or on pavement.


At first glance, the Gravel-X looks like a pretty conventional gravel bike in every way, except that is has a Yamaha PW Mid-Drive electric pedal assist motor and battery built into the frame bottom bracket and down tube, ensuring a low center of gravity and minimal visual impact.



  • BH Aluminum Alloy Frame & Fork
  • Shimano 105 2 x 11 Drive Train
  • FSA Crankset
  • Shimano Mechanical disc brakes with Ice Tech rotors
  • Schwalbe G-One 700 x 40c Tires
  • Shimano RX31 Rims Laced with bladed spokes to Shimano RX31 Disc Compatible Hubs
  • Yamaha PW 250W 36V Pedal Assist Motor built into the bottom bracket of the frame
  • 400W Battery mounted to the downtube



As mentioned earlier, I just had the opportunity to ride the Rebel Gravel-X from from our Oakville shop home to Mississauga and back again on my 24 kilometre daily commute and this is one awesome pedal assist bicycle!

The Rebel Gravel-X, and most all of the current generation of eBikes, are electric pedal assist bikes, and what that means is that you ride the bike and shift thru the gears the same way you would with any other bike, but also set the electric pedal assist system to your desired assist level. As you pedal at your normal cadence, the pedal assist system seamlessly comes on and acts like a wind at your back help you get up and over hills, buck those wicked headwinds, or just keep up with your riding partners who are just happen to be a little faster than you are!

Gravel Bikes are my go to ride because of their versatility on and off road, their drop bars allowing you to duck under headwinds, and their more comfortable riding position. 

The BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X is a gravel bike in every way, and the Yamaha electric motor is the smoothest pedal assist system I have ridden. There is virtually no noticeable surge in power when the assist comes on, but there is plenty of power there when you need it. 

There is a 1.6 kilometre long steady uphill stretch on my ride home that I normally dread, but with the Rebel Gravel-X I cruised up and over that incline easily. With the pedal assist helping me overcome a prevailing headwind and that long uphill climb, my homeward commute took me 2 thirds the time it normally does! On my commute back to work the next morning, downhill and with the prevailing wind at my back, the pedal assist allowed me to arrive in time to grab a second cup of coffee before we opened the doors!

Bottom Line, I could not be more excited about the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X! Whether you are looking to extend your gravel rides farther than ever before, looking to make cycling a more feasible option for your daily commute, or perhaps looking for a bike for your not quite so cycling obsessed partner so you can do those weekend gravel rides together, the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X is an excellent choice!!!   


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