The LAPD Go Electric…

Editor’s Note:  This interesting announcement came across our desk today about the LAPD launching a pilot program to utilize Bulls eBikes with their “cycling” officers.

Originally Written by Haley Holston, Bulls Bikes USA

LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, announced yesterday a pilot program that is part of the department’s ongoing Green initiative, that includes a custom-designed fleet of 20 BULLS Sentinel eBIKES. The new eBIKES are capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph across varying terrains. BULLS Bikes USA, a leader in the mountain, specialty, and eBIKEcategories, worked closely with the LAPD over a nine-month RFP process to build eBIKES to meet the specific needs of the department’s urban law enforcement and patrol division, giving LAPD the largest eBIKE fleet in the nation. BULLS is offering a new level of mobility to officers with the added assistance of the motor-powered eBIKE.


LAPD |BULLS Sentinel eBIKE Key features:

  • Pedal assist with speed up to 28 mph
  • Bosch Performance Speed motor
    Aluminum frame designed for easy mounting and dismounting when carrying police gear
  • Brake cables routed externally for easy and fast service maintenance
  • 180x200mm Magura hydraulic rotor discs for aggressive braking
  • Schwalbe Super Moto tires that ensures a smooth ride and stronger puncture protection
  • Rock Shox Pike heavy duty front suspension for better handling on urban scenarios like pedaling up and down hill
  • Black color for stealthy operations


If you aren’t familiar with the brand, BULLS Bikes USA has the most extensive eBIKE product line in the United States, offering nearly every rider the bike they desire from eMTB hardtail and full suspension to eCity/Treking and eSpeed. While many brands can make traditional bikes, very few have the technical knowledge and infrastructure to produce truly remarkable eBIKEs. The BULLS team is offering more eBIKE systems and innovating at a higher rate than any other OEM. BULLS presence and leadership in Europe has allowed BULLS Bikes USA to more quickly and efficiently introduce the latest global trends to the US market, typically beating the nearest competitor by six months.


(Photos from Bulls Bikes USA)

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