Spreading the Word…


While sitting in a cafe working on some blog posts, a woman approached me asking if I owned an e-bike. Yes, I replied, and she then asked if I liked it, to which she heard an enthusiastic, ‘I love it’!

Her interest was further heightened when I mentioned that I sell them too. It seems her friend has one and raves about it, and she was thinking that it might be the answer for her regarding her goal of getting back into cycling.

It seems her husband has the idea they are dangerous, so we discussed that for a bit. To help him understand that e-bikes are no more dangerous than regular bicycles, I suggested she come in with her hubby to take a look at the e-bikes we have, and test ride a couple.

She took down the name of the store and our Leaside location, and told me she would drop by to see what we have on offer. Upon asking her, she said her name is Amy, so I simply let her know it would be a pleasure to see her and her husband to discuss options.

It only dawned on me after our short but pleasant conversation that she knew to approach me with her e-bike interest because of the t-shirt I was wearing; an Easy Motion edition featuring a neon green depiction of a bike with the word e-bike boldly illustrated underneath. Amy is representative of a growing number of people who are asking about and test riding bikes, and as collective interest rises, the trend starts to build toward critical mass. As that happens, e-bikes will fulfil their destiny as a major player in an ‘electro-mobility’ society as we seek to mitigate greenhouse gas effects through more sustainable personal transportation.

Amy hasn’t as yet come into our Leaside shop during my shifts, but to her and all the Amys and Andys throughout The 6ix, in any of four locations, our pro staff will look forward to telling you all about our e-bikes. When you do come in, we will narrow down the type of riding you envision doing, and the style of e-bike best suited, at which point you will be ready to take a test ride to fully understand the powerful attraction of e-bikes.

As a company, we fully believe in and support the notion of transitioning to an electro-mobility society along with the movement to e-bikes to help in the transportation transition. Our belief and commitment toward this better future is demonstrated by the depth and variety of our inventory. We further commit to partnering with our customers in keeping their e-bikes in top working condition through our outstanding service and maintenance program featuring the well known and highly-regarded Gears Lifetime Warranty on component adjustments.


Looking forward to seeing you in the shop, or out there,

Cycling The 6ix

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