Review: Bulls eStream EVO FS 2 Plus

Written by Brigham DuBois-Hammond (Gears Canary Staff)

Wow, this bike…! (I know that’s not a complete sentence, but it pretty well sums up how I feel).

It would seem that not all eMTB Bikes are created equal. Although they are all truly awesome off-road rides in my view, the Bulls e-Stream Evo 2 FS is pretty much good at everything and great at some.

Yes, it is a full suspension eMtn Bike, and yes these bikes certainly strut their stuff in the trails and this one is no different in that regard. The difference however, is the e-Stream Evo FS 2 is also great at just whipping around the city, off road, on road – whatever, bring it on!


Something about it screams to me “I want to explore! Everything!” And when it comes to ‘everything’, this city has much to explore and discover. This Bulls e-bike is the vehicle to take you to places you wouldn’t normally go, and by that I mean there are only a few trails in all of Greater Toronto that it couldn’t handle easily.

As mentioned, the e-Stream EVO 2 FS is a wanderer’s dream, and I took advantage of the two hours I had with it to do just that, wander and explore. I had a good time simply rolling along the streets, then jumping a curb to go through a park, dipping in to whatever little hidden nook I could fit into and check out. Not to sound too cheesy or overly nostalgic, but I was thrown back into my youth when just exploring the surroundings was the most fun you could have.

On the topic of exploring, wandering and things that you might not see, here’s an example of what is out there in our fair city waiting to surprise and delight you.

While dashing through the city streets, I veered off to take a route through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery and happened upon an unexpected wonder.

A tombstone seemed to call my attention to it, and as I approached, it revealed the burial site as where Canada’s most decorated serviceman lies. William Barker (1894 – 1930) was the recipient of the Victoria Cross and was also awarded DSO and a Bar, MC and two Bars. Although not really a history buff, this was both a pleasant surprise, and a fun way to learn about an important contributor to Canada’s history.


For history buffs and adventurers, these ‘discoveries’ aren’t anything new. For most of us however, exploring and discovering interesting ‘hidden’ treasures in our city isn’t easily done without a concerted effort if you don’t have an Evo 2 FS.

So let’s back to the bike. The specially-configured Brose 250w drive train in combination with Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur (10-speed) and Deore SLX front derailleur make for quick and super smooth shifting which is very important when traversing quickly changing terrain. I’m also a big fan of the second chain ring in the front gear set, for that extra bit of gear versatility for tougher climbs.

The new 50-cell battery technology in the semi-integrated high capacity battery provides an impressive 650 watt hours. This power reserve in combination with the 90 Nm of torque delivered by the Brose means you will never lack for the punch required for more challenging terrain.

Although the suspension is not at the level the more serious downhill bikes, the SR Suntour xcr-32 with remote lockout front fork and SR Suntour Epicon rear shock performs (surprisingly) very well. A nice upgrade would be a dropper post for that adjustable seat height on the fly.

So, after riding it for a couple of hours, here’s my take on the Bulls e-Stream EVO 2 FS 27.5 Plus – it’s one of the new breed of e-bikes that avant-garde adventurers use to explore ever-expanding horizons, and there is good reason for their zeal. In fact the full line-up of Bulls FS e-Mtn bikes represents one of the brands attracting a great deal of attention from both cross-country cyclists and the downhill crowd.

The e-bike market in Canada and USA is lagging behind what’s happening elsewhere around the globe, and the e-Mtn bike sector, which is a surging part of bike sales in Europe, is only now starting to gain traction in Ontario. It will take another year or two for our young and young-of-mind ‘daredevils’ to discover the benefits and the pure fun of this new pedalled adventure vehicle.

If you would like to understand the thrill of a new kind of trail vehicle, and learn why e-Mtn bikes sales are climbing like crazy, come see us and ask about our new extended test ride program so you can try one on a close-by trail.

See you out there,

Cycling The 6ix

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