Weekly e-Bike Roundup – Aug. 20/18


Taking a look at the e-bike market developments elsewhere in the world shows where things are going here in The 6ix as the demand for e-bikes builds.

Here are some of this week’s headline stories:

As previously reported, Uber purchased bikeshare company ‘Jump’ e-bikes earlier this year making them available through the Uber app in New York’s Staten Island and Bronx areas after rolling out at the end of July. Unlike the other bike-share companies chosen to participate, Jump is exclusively electric and dockless. The Big Apple seems to have made a u-turn from their previous stance when they banned e-bikes in general, now they are starting to embrace them.

Broadly reported in media all over the world, the US will impose a 25% tariff on many Chinese products and that includes electric bikes and kits. Taking effect August 23rd, the 25% penalty will play havoc with the development of the e-bike market, and as a result, big players such as Uber. This Financial Times article reports that ‘Uber, Bird and Lime have hit out at proposed US tariffs on electric bicycles and scooters imported from China, pitting some of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing companies against US President Donald Trump.

Storck, a German bike company, launched a top-end e-Mtb. Storck was once known as manufacturers of high quality carbon framed racing bikes. The 2019 model range features three e-bikes including an interesting looking full suspension e-mtb, the e:drenalin with a total weight of 46.3 pounds (21kg) – really good for a full on e-mtb with powerful Brose 90Nm mid-drive motor and a whopping 600Wh battery.

Mid-drives & Gearbox – mid-drives that integrate the e-bike’s gears in one unit may become common on the e-bikes of the future. Last week, two European companies (Mubea and Kerevelo) seemed to think so with their announcements proclaiming this as the direction they were moving.

Inaugural France to China Solar e-bike race. Belgian cyclist Raf van Hulle rode 12,000km from the city of Lyon to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in just 49 days and won the inaugural solar-powered electric bike race. On the route through Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China, Raf peddled an estimated 270km daily. The route included a section in the Gobi desert where he had to cycle without assisted power to prevent the batteries from overheating.

MILWAUKEE, USA – Although presented as one of the Harley-Davidson’s options for blazing new trails, it doesn’t fit with the image of the iconic motorcycle brand. H-D recently released an advanced look at a full suspension e-bike along with three lightweight electric motorcycles.

Germany’s e-bike market is growing at a record pace. 2017 data from industry association ‘Zweirad-Industrie-Verband’ (ZIV) clearly shows e-bikes in Germany as a preferred mode of mobility as well as for leisure and sports, representing a clean, quiet and space-saving alternative for city logistics.

Giant Records Double-Digit growth in Europe Driven by E-Bikes. Thanks to a strong e-bike demand as well as favourable exchange rates, Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. saw its net income grow by 31.8 percent in the first half of this year. Consolidated group revenue increased by 7.9 percent up to a total of TWD 29.17 billion (€ 830.2 million).


All the e-bike activity in Europe and Asia, plus our own anecdotal stories of the increased interest at the 4 Gears locations, indicate an accelerating climb to record bike ownership. The trend is fast becoming a large movement!

More news next week from around the world and around The 6ix.

Gears e-Team

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