Weekly e-Round-Up – Aug. 27, 2018


More news items about e-bikes are increasingly grabbing the headlines in bike industry media, and our hope is that this weekly e-Round-Up provides an ongoing source of information re e-bikes.

New Smart e-Bike Helmet. Hi tech has moved into bike helmets, and the LIVALL BH51M smart helmet has the functions to illustrate the point. In addition to it being a smart helmet, it is smart-looking (commuter-style). What makes it ‘smart’ are the rear indicator lights, microphone & speakers allowing for phone calls and music listening, and with the built-in short-range communications technology, riders with similar helmets can talk directly with each other. Once it is turned on, the helmet’s functions are controlled by a handlebar-mounted control unit with seven buttons. It pairs via bluetooth with a phone and comes alive to make its wearer safer when riding daytime and night.

Improved Security Systems. More and more people are coming into the shop inquiring about e-bikes, and one of the most frequently asked questions is about locks and security systems to keep e-bikes from being stolen. Addressing this issue, Abus has introduced the Bordo 6000A with a 100 decibel alarm that triggers when tampered with, and is meant to deter would-be thieves.

Conveyor – Pedego’s New Mid-Drive Commuter. With their new commuter e-bike, Conveyor, Pedego enters the mid-drive market with the premium motor from Brose. Some of the other impressive features are the belt-drive and internally-geared hub which create a seamless, quiet ride with easy and smooth gear shifting, even when stopped. A built-in GPS theft protection seems right for the times and for this model since it looks good and is somewhat upscale in price.

Harley Davidson’s New e-Bike. We just got our first peek at the new concept e-bike from Harley and thought showing you the visual would provide additional insight into the e-bike market. After all, if Harley is heading in this direction, then e-bikes must have great promise for them as well the many other new movers into this highly active market.


Stronger Chains for e-Bikes. Mid-motor drive systems deliver higher torque outputs than human-powered-only bikes, therefore e-bike chains have to offer better durability than ever before. TAYA’s exclusive DHT self-lubricated hardness treatment applies on pins to strengthen the hardness over HK2000, 30% harder than average in the market. It is the key to be strong enough against powerful torque produced from the mid motor systems.

The Strong Move to Cargo. Within the e-bike category, e-cargo bikes are really making a splash. Last month, even Eurobike paid close attention and dedicated a special ‘cargo area’ to that interest. Cargo bikes have been in use for more than 100 years in Europe, and now last-mile companies and young families are looking at the added benefits of e-powered cargo bikes to make their lives even more efficient.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to checkout the Cargo Bike Championships coming to Toronto September 8th. http://www.modacitylife.com/cargo-bike-championship/

Sea Otter Classic & Bulls. Giving its enormous and growing popularity and attendance, BULLS Bikes announced a three-year sponsorship agreement to become the official e-bike sponsor of the Sea Otter Classic through 2021. Started in 1991, the event now plays host to over 9,600 athletes and 72,500 fans. The Sea Otter Classic and is regarded as the world’s premier cycling festival. The Sea Otter is cycling’s celebration of cycling and the North American season opener. Both professional and amateur athletes enthusiastically attend Sea Otter to participate in some of the most competitive and enduring events. With their new sponsorship, Bulls e-bikes will take centre stage in the lead-up to the 30 year anniversary of Sea Otter.

e-Bikes for High End Road Cyclists. Now that the last hold-outs are falling away, it seems every category of bikes, including road, is going with the way the market is driving it, to some version of pedal-assist. At last month’s Eurobike, high end road brands like Pinarello, Wilier Triestina, Bianchi, and Focus debuted their entries into the e-road bike category, and more brands are designing their models to be in market asap. The power system that all these manufacturers crave these days is the compact Evation by Fazua, a German company. Fazua expects approval in the US in early 2019. Brands like Pinarello, Orbea and Bianchi will be in US stores this year because they use another drive system rather than Fazua, so we will start to see this category develop over the next year and beyond.

Montreal eBike-Share. Last but certainly not least, Bixi eBikes in Montreal launched a 3-month eBike share pilot program with the introduction of 20 e-Bikes, and the possibility of expanding based on results. It’s an example of what’s to come in The 6ix over the next few years.


See you next week with more news from the ever-expanding world of e-Bikes.

The Gears e-Team

One thought on “Weekly e-Round-Up – Aug. 27, 2018

  1. The smart helmets sound interesting. As someone who struggles with left hand signals, I like the idea of indicators on your helmet.


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