2019’s Exercise Machine | Year of the eBike

If you are not regularly moving your body in some form of exercise, and are not eating healthily, you probably don’t like the wide body of evidence that is building against this kind of lifestyle.

This isn’t a judgmental piece. People are obviously free to choose exactly the kind of lifestyle they wish to lead, and as we witness daily when we look around, there are many who choose a less-than-healthy one. If that’s you, and you don’t want to change, then don’t read on.

If however, this is the year to begin shaping your future self, then this is important!


Let’s start with what we know from medical science; regular exercise can slow aging by as much as ten years and even reverse the signs. The big payoff is that not only does rigorous, regular working out make you feel and look much better, it also allows your brain to work at a higher level. Furthermore, it’s never too late to start.

Ah yes, starting, that’s really the elephant in the room, isn’t it?


Starting something that you hope will lead to a continued way of living an improved life is all about not stopping, particularly at the beginning when it’s most difficult. Starting and staying the course is the key to permanent change, and the key to staying the course is, of course, doing something you actually enjoy.


Enter the eBike.


In a previous post, I brought up the research done in the UK with 18 people who had lead a sedentary lifestyle, and were now dealing with Type 2 Diabetes. They were all provided with an eBike as the form of exercise to help them with the transition to healthier living. The point being that, if it were an enjoyable form of exercise. then participants would likely have a better chance of sticking to it. And they did.


At the end of the test period not only were their respective levels of health improved, but 14 of the 18 actually bought an eBike for themselves to enable them to continue on with their elevated lifestyle. Unlike most who endeavour to begin exercising after a lifetime of not doing so, and then quit because they simply don’t find what they chose to do fun, the people in the program enjoyed cycling and that was the difference – it was fun, so they simply kept up with it.


And when you think about cycling with the fresh air in your face and your body’s power actually propelling you to your destination, it is hard not to conjure up memories from your earlier life when riding a bicycle was nothing but pure joy. It meant, fun, freedom and friends. Well now-a-days my adult amigos, it means a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life as well.


If your New Year’s resolution is to make the change to healthier living, and you want to better understand the benefits of how an eBike in your life will assist with your goals, come see us! Drop into our Leaside shop or any of our other Gears locations to view the wide assortment and styles of eBikes, have your questions answered by our knowledgeable associates, and take a 15-minute test ride. All will become clear!


See you in the shop, or out there

Cycling The 6ix


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Photos c/o Giant Bicycles Canada

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