5 Winter Riding Tips | #RideAllYear

Riding your eBike all year round, specifically when the snow falls, is not as crazy as it sounds. Winter riding can be just as safe and possibly even a little more fun with the proper prep and caution. So here we go, 5 tips to keep you in the saddle, every day of every season.

All the items mentioned will be linked at the bottom of this post.


With some simple upgrades to your bike, it will be more than ready to handle the cold slushy months. The first item is tires – swap to a pair of snow or winter specific tires that will give you the grip and confidence you want on the snowy roads. (Scroll to the bottom of this post for links to all these items!) Another item, that can help you concur the slushy city wonderland, is a set of full-coverage fenders. This will stop the wet spray from coating your back and legs, and will also keep a bunch of the dirt, slush and salt off your bike frame and drivetrain.


This one can be a little tricky to master, especially when the weather is all over the place like it has been in Toronto, ON lately. However there are some key things to keep in mind. Firstly, dress in layers, this means you can drop or add a layer easily as the temperatures change. Second, is too always have a Wind/Water Proof outer layer, on your feet, chest and legs. This will keep the cold wind out and better retain your body heat, it also mean the snow won’t melt into your layers making you a heavy, wet, cold mess once you reach your destination.


So you’re bundled up, your fenders and winter tires have been mounted, your route is planned and you’re ready to go. Now is the easy part… Ride! The biggest thing here, is to just be cautious. Test your braking and turning at slower speeds so you know how your bike reacts to the conditions that day. Choose routes that are more clear of snow, or maybe side streets where the traffic isn’t whizzing by and forcing you into the slushy curbs. Most importantly, don’t push yourself – Ride how far and how fast you feel comfortable. Riding in the winter should be rewarding, not dangerous or scary. Be sure to ride with bright lights, flashing red (rear) and white (front) lights will make sure drivers and pedestrians see you and give you the space you need!


Next, and possibly one of the most important points. Is to take care of your eBike! Batteries like to be stored in warm and dry climates, basically anywhere you’d spend the night. So if your bike is locked outside for the day, or stored in the garage for the night, bring your battery inside. Just like any bike, keep your chain label and get your headset and bottom-braked regularly check and greased. The dirty slush and water will get into all the nooks and bearings and wash out the grease so it’s important to stay on top of these areas. This careful maintenance will keep your bike working better and get you more life out of the components. However, because of the conditions, chains and brake pads wear faster than in the summer.


And the final tip? Get out and explore! Winter riding can be amazing, you can save time, money and stay fit. Explore local parks and ride in areas you haven’t before. The snow can be fun and often means beautiful views and calming silence in most areas because less people are out and about.

Don’t let the snow stop you from riding all year. Prepare, dress well, ride cautiously and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland! Have fun and ride safe!

Share your Winter Riding experiences or photos on Social Media with using #GearsElectric & #RideAllYear or send your photos to toronto@gearsbikeshop.com.


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