Review: Easy Motion Evo City Pro

For a couple of months now, the 2018 Evo City Pro has been on the floor of our shop, and every time I pass it, it reminds me of last year when I rode the 2017 version of the same bike. It was my first year riding e-bikes - definitely an eye-opening experience. And I loved the … Continue reading Review: Easy Motion Evo City Pro

Review: Specialized Turbo Como 3.0

Como: Oh! I get it! Now that I’ve taken the Specialized Turbo Como for a good ride through the city streets, I get it. I get where the name comes from; well, I think I do. My guess is that the name comes from Lake Como in northern Italy. It is incredibly beautiful. Lifestyle in the … Continue reading Review: Specialized Turbo Como 3.0

The Age We Live In

For those of us born in what is seemingly another era - pre-digital times - the world has time-warped into a wacky and wonder-filled place in which we exist and have to try to navigate. Almost daily, we witness the ever-accelerating emergence of new technologies. New tech is affecting almost every aspect of human (and … Continue reading The Age We Live In

Happy Haibike day!

Time to ride, and for me that means another season of riding e-bikes - my own (once I buy it) and those of the shop’s in order to provide e-bike raves, reviews and overviews from my perspective. Today, it’s the Haibike Xduro Cross 3.0 and I’m told it’s got some jump! This intro is being … Continue reading Happy Haibike day!

Uber News…!

The day after I heard about The Meadoway project, news about Uber's acquisition of Jump, a dockless bike share company dropped - great news if they decide to come to our area. After testing the program in conjunction with Jump in San Francisco, they have reputedly offered $100 million to acquire the company. Their plan, … Continue reading Uber News…!

WOW! The Meadoway is Awesome!

Great news for anyone who believes in nature and cycling. I read on Blog T.O. that over the next seven years, Toronto will invest in building a continuous trail from downtown Toronto to the Rouge Valley in Scarborough. The project’s progress can be followed on their web site ( where it states, “The Meadoway is … Continue reading WOW! The Meadoway is Awesome!

Sunlight & Warmth, Where Is It?

Springtime 2018 can start anytime now!  People in my neighbourhood, in the GTA, southern Ontario, and most of eastern Canada can be heard muttering about the extended winter we are experiencing. At the store, we hear the same complaint but amplified because of the ‘exposed-to-nature’ nature of cycling; ‘when are we going to start the … Continue reading Sunlight & Warmth, Where Is It?

There’s No Biz Like Bike Biz! Wow, What A Show

Awesome certainly applies, but it was so much more! Energetic, engaging, enlightening, social, inspiring, friendly, respectful, collegial, and professional. But more than anything, it was fun! The Toronto International Bike Show was an amazing experience for me! Having entered the bicycle biz just last April, this was my first ‘Show’ as an exhibitor, and it … Continue reading There’s No Biz Like Bike Biz! Wow, What A Show

Review: Electra Townie Commute Go!

Again, a special e-bike has been dropped off at our Canary District store for display and demos (what’s with Canary getting all the e-bike goodies, is it because they have the loudest chirp? lol) so I get an email from Michael who gives me the lowdown. This time it is the Electra Townie Commute Go! … Continue reading Review: Electra Townie Commute Go!

The E-Bike Fad – It’s OK, It’s Almost Over

Now, Hold On and Get Ready For 2018 Early Adopters come from all sectors of society and they crossover to many differing types of products and processes. By leading with their need to know about new things in the marketplace, Early Adopters fuel the various emerging markets and social movements when there is little other … Continue reading The E-Bike Fad – It’s OK, It’s Almost Over