To e Or Not To e …Bike?

By Jordan Gross Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the jeers and harrows of people calling you a cheater, or to take up power against a sea of hills, and by opposing…end them. Renting a Giant Road-E e-bike from Gears Leaside for this year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer felt like a big, dramatic … Continue reading To e Or Not To e …Bike?

THIS WEEK IN E | Health, New Tech, eRentals and More…

Jan 7th, 2019 Go Figure, Riding an eBike is Good for You A fairly extensive study was conducted in the UK at the University of Bristol (Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences) where lead author Jessica Bourne and all other authors work. Broken out, the study on the health benefits of riding an eBIke … Continue reading THIS WEEK IN E | Health, New Tech, eRentals and More…

Guest Blog: How I Reduced My City Commute By 20 Minutes: A Commuter’s Biking Guide.

Thanks to CJ Lou, the One Sport Ninja, for this blog post. And while this particular post may not be about eBikes..., it is about commuting by bicycle in the urban environment. Something that all cyclists can appreciate and share their experiences about.  I remember my first bike--a black cruiser bicycle with a comfortable saddle … Continue reading Guest Blog: How I Reduced My City Commute By 20 Minutes: A Commuter’s Biking Guide.

Baby it’s cold outside // Winter with Your eBike

Okay, let’s face it. The days are getting shorter and colder. Fall is officially here and winter is not far behind... If you ride an eBike, you may be wondering about whether your bike can handle the cold. Well, the short answer is yes. However, there as several things you should consider to help keep … Continue reading Baby it’s cold outside // Winter with Your eBike

Car Companies developing eBikes

Seems that everyone is jumping into the eBike market these days as we can see from some recent announcement by Tesla, General Motors and Maserati.   Tesla Electric Bikes? We know that Elon Musk is always working on something. From electric cars to rockets, and solar energy systems to underground roadways... he's got a lot … Continue reading Car Companies developing eBikes

Guest Blog: The New Bike in Town

Thanks to Explore Magazine for the permission to re-run this editorial in our eBike Emporium Blog. THE NEW BIKE IN TOWN E-bikes have hit the mountain bike world full-force — what does this mean for trail networks and users? By Ryan Stuart (Explore Magazine) As an Olympian, World Cup racer, two-time national champ and winner of multiple … Continue reading Guest Blog: The New Bike in Town

THIS WEEK IN e… 10/08

eBike Group Ride World Record As with all breaking trends, new records are part of establishing the trend as more than just a short-term blip, and more of a major new development. Now, a world record has been set for the biggest eBike group ride, helping the new phenomenon to become more established in the … Continue reading THIS WEEK IN e… 10/08

A woman in motion…

Written by Jeanette Aiello (Gears Bike Shop customer) I just bought 2 (Specialized) Como E-bikes from Gears Bike Shop in Port Credit yesterday. I'd given it a lot of thought and was lucky enough to be able to borrow one for one month prior to making my selection. The process went like this: I had 3 … Continue reading A woman in motion…

Ode to my e-bike (Guest post)

We can across this inspiring Blog Post today and just had to share it with you…


Sam here. I’ve been back and forthing on the blog about e-bikes. See Sam is sorry she was a bit of a fitness snob about e-bikes and Women and e-assist bikes… Sam has some worries and Sam is feeling grouchy about e-bikes. After sharing the recent post on Facebook some friends who are e-bike riders and lovers came out of the woodwork rushing to their defense. I loved their happy stories and their enthusiasm for their e-bikes and asked if I could share their stories. Here’s the first. There will be more to follow. Enjoy!

By Alisa Joy

Samantha asked why women ride e-bikes, and I totally get why she would worry that women might be getting the message that they are just never going to get up whatever hill-of-doom exists on their bike ride. Because she asked, I’m here to tell you there are so many great reasons…

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Test Ride: Specialized Levo FSR

Written by Nathaniel Snow (Gears Leaside Staff) Beasty Boy Does the Don First things first, this isn’t a mountain bike. It’s an electric pedal assist, climb-crushing, downhill-smashing mountain machine. I took the Specialized Levo FSR out for a couple hours in the Toronto Don Valley trails, and every trail felt like I’d never been there … Continue reading Test Ride: Specialized Levo FSR