EBikes Can Give a New Lease on Life After Illness or Injury!

Written by Derry Bunting (Gears Oakville Staff) Earlier this summer we had a customer, lets call her Mary, come by our Oakville location to find out what eBikes were all about. For years Mary, now in her late 50's, had been doing weekly Sunday Gravel Rides with a group of her girlfriends, usually on routes … Continue reading EBikes Can Give a New Lease on Life After Illness or Injury!

This week in ‘E’

E-bike Round-Up; Sept 4, 2018... Self-Driving eBikes? Why not? The German city of Magdeburg is the testing grounds for a developing program from the University named after the city. In the next couple of weeks, test rides will start with a person being able to use an app on their phone to have a self-driving eTrike come to … Continue reading This week in ‘E’

On the Road again…!

We love to hear about the eBike eXperience from our fellow riders and customers. Below is a note from Jo Flewwelling who recently returned to cycling after picking up her new Giant ToughRoad GX E and posted the following on the Gears Bike Shop Facebook page. Thanks Jo, for the awesome note. Welcome back to … Continue reading On the Road again…!

Weekly e-Round-Up – Aug. 27, 2018

More news items about e-bikes are increasingly grabbing the headlines in bike industry media, and our hope is that this weekly e-Round-Up provides an ongoing source of information re e-bikes. New Smart e-Bike Helmet. Hi tech has moved into bike helmets, and the LIVALL BH51M smart helmet has the functions to illustrate the point. In addition to it … Continue reading Weekly e-Round-Up – Aug. 27, 2018

Weekly e-Bike Roundup – Aug. 20/18

Taking a look at the e-bike market developments elsewhere in the world shows where things are going here in The 6ix as the demand for e-bikes builds. Here are some of this week’s headline stories: As previously reported, Uber purchased bikeshare company ‘Jump’ e-bikes earlier this year making them available through the Uber app in New York’s Staten Island … Continue reading Weekly e-Bike Roundup – Aug. 20/18

Review: Bulls eStream EVO FS 2 Plus

Written by Brigham DuBois-Hammond (Gears Canary Staff) Wow, this bike...! (I know that’s not a complete sentence, but it pretty well sums up how I feel). It would seem that not all eMTB Bikes are created equal. Although they are all truly awesome off-road rides in my view, the Bulls e-Stream Evo 2 FS is pretty much good … Continue reading Review: Bulls eStream EVO FS 2 Plus

The LAPD Go Electric…

Editor's Note:  This interesting announcement came across our desk today about the LAPD launching a pilot program to utilize Bulls eBikes with their "cycling" officers. Originally Written by Haley Holston, Bulls Bikes USA LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, announced yesterday a pilot program that is part of the department's ongoing Green initiative, that includes a … Continue reading The LAPD Go Electric…

Review: Cannondale Moterra SE

Written by Brigham DuBois-Hammond (Gears Canary Staff) Talk about being psyched! For sometime now I have been thinking about and anticipating the rush I was going to experience for a whole week of riding a Cannondale Moterra SE.- a full-suspension e-mountain bike. Now I’ve got one. In fact, I’ve got two. Let me explain. Neil, our Cannondale … Continue reading Review: Cannondale Moterra SE

Review: BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X

Written by Derry Bunting (Gears Oakville) I recently had the opportunity to ride the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X eBike from our Oakville shop home to Mississauga and back again on my 24 kilometre daily commute! I couldn’t be more excited about this bike! The Rebel Gravel X is a High Performance Electric Pedal Assist … Continue reading Review: BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X

The E-Bike Challenge and Sweet Reward

By Louisa Mursell, Executive Director, Ontario By Bike Editor's Note: Originally published in the 2018 Cycling in Ontario / Le vélo en Ontario guide. View online version at http://www.ontariobybike.ca/2018 E-bikes make you look. Whether you notice as they whiz by you on your push pedals or you’re an innocent bystander noting something just isn’t right with … Continue reading The E-Bike Challenge and Sweet Reward