Family Fun Forever!

Families that play together, stay together That’s the familiar phrase I kept thinking about when I participated in this year’s EpicTour with my wife Kate, my 4yr-old Chase, and 16 month-old Beth. The idea was to ride the 80km category as a family riding e-bikes and pulling a trailer. I chose a Cube Hybrid Reaction eMtb … Continue reading Family Fun Forever!

Roadies on eBikes… yeah, its happening!

We recently came across this cool and inspiring video about eBikes posted by the "roadie" folks at GCN. (Global Cycling Network). Traditionally, very road-centric, these guys live and breath road-bikes... but are also open and very willing to look at new technologies and opportunities. Tested by two very fit “fast and skinny” roadies whom are both … Continue reading Roadies on eBikes… yeah, its happening!