GEARS and COVID : A Lesson in adaptability and embracing change

To say that COVID had a huge influence on the bicycle industry is certainly a massive understatement. Very early in 2020, we quickly to noticed that once the gyms began to close and people were becoming apprehensive about public transit, the demand for urban-style and commuter bikes began to gain some serious momentum. Momentum that … Continue reading GEARS and COVID : A Lesson in adaptability and embracing change

Car Companies developing eBikes

Seems that everyone is jumping into the eBike market these days as we can see from some recent announcement by Tesla, General Motors and Maserati.   Tesla Electric Bikes? We know that Elon Musk is always working on something. From electric cars to rockets, and solar energy systems to underground roadways... he's got a lot … Continue reading Car Companies developing eBikes

Guest Blog: The New Bike in Town

Thanks to Explore Magazine for the permission to re-run this editorial in our eBike Emporium Blog. THE NEW BIKE IN TOWN E-bikes have hit the mountain bike world full-force — what does this mean for trail networks and users? By Ryan Stuart (Explore Magazine) As an Olympian, World Cup racer, two-time national champ and winner of multiple … Continue reading Guest Blog: The New Bike in Town

This week in ‘E’

E-bike Round-Up; Sept 4, 2018... Self-Driving eBikes? Why not? The German city of Magdeburg is the testing grounds for a developing program from the University named after the city. In the next couple of weeks, test rides will start with a person being able to use an app on their phone to have a self-driving eTrike come to … Continue reading This week in ‘E’

Weekly e-Round-Up – Aug. 27, 2018

More news items about e-bikes are increasingly grabbing the headlines in bike industry media, and our hope is that this weekly e-Round-Up provides an ongoing source of information re e-bikes. New Smart e-Bike Helmet. Hi tech has moved into bike helmets, and the LIVALL BH51M smart helmet has the functions to illustrate the point. In addition to it … Continue reading Weekly e-Round-Up – Aug. 27, 2018

Weekly e-Bike Roundup – Aug. 20/18

Taking a look at the e-bike market developments elsewhere in the world shows where things are going here in The 6ix as the demand for e-bikes builds. Here are some of this week’s headline stories: As previously reported, Uber purchased bikeshare company ‘Jump’ e-bikes earlier this year making them available through the Uber app in New York’s Staten Island … Continue reading Weekly e-Bike Roundup – Aug. 20/18

Epic 8, Electrified!

This past Saturday I had a great opportunity to represent the Gears Brand at the Spring Epic 8 MTB Relay Race, a fun-filled grassroots mountain bike race presented by the good folks at Chico Racing. In years past I would have been one of the racers on the course, flying the colours for the LapDogs … Continue reading Epic 8, Electrified!

Air Show, e-Bikes & Coincidences

It’s been quite awhile since an air show was in my head but on Saturday I found myself going out in the street drawn by the thunder of jet engines. Modern day fighter jets are really quite something to behold and it’s easy to be awestruck. So yesterday, while listening to the radio and making … Continue reading Air Show, e-Bikes & Coincidences

Fish the Future

Given that a few of the Gears crew at our Oakville store are also avid fishermen (I think they actually like to be called anglers), we knew it wouldn’t take long for them to find a unique connection between fishing and cycling. And here is what they found… Seems that the Vail Valley Anglers (a … Continue reading Fish the Future

PwC Epic Tour… on an eBike!

If you need any indication that eBikes are becoming more and more accepted as a great way to get around and enjoy a lovely day on the bike... look no further than the annual GTA Granfondo taking place this September 10th. The folks at PwC Epic Tour have recognized that eBikes are a big part … Continue reading PwC Epic Tour… on an eBike!