Car Companies developing eBikes

Seems that everyone is jumping into the eBike market these days as we can see from some recent announcement by Tesla, General Motors and Maserati.   Tesla Electric Bikes? We know that Elon Musk is always working on something. From electric cars to rockets, and solar energy systems to underground roadways... he's got a lot … Continue reading Car Companies developing eBikes

Guest Blog: The New Bike in Town

Thanks to Explore Magazine for the permission to re-run this editorial in our eBike Emporium Blog. THE NEW BIKE IN TOWN E-bikes have hit the mountain bike world full-force — what does this mean for trail networks and users? By Ryan Stuart (Explore Magazine) As an Olympian, World Cup racer, two-time national champ and winner of multiple … Continue reading Guest Blog: The New Bike in Town

The LAPD Go Electric…

Editor's Note:  This interesting announcement came across our desk today about the LAPD launching a pilot program to utilize Bulls eBikes with their "cycling" officers. Originally Written by Haley Holston, Bulls Bikes USA LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, announced yesterday a pilot program that is part of the department's ongoing Green initiative, that includes a … Continue reading The LAPD Go Electric…

The ‘E’ Wave Is Washing Over The 6ix

It started as a ripple about 3-4 years ago. Last year the ripple grew, and with the growing size of the wave, we wondered if it would sustain or subside. With the start of 2018, we’re witnessing the wave grow, and the news from off-shore suggests it’s going to be a tsunami! Evidence of what our e-bike … Continue reading The ‘E’ Wave Is Washing Over The 6ix

Review: Cannondale Moterra SE

Written by Brigham DuBois-Hammond (Gears Canary Staff) Talk about being psyched! For sometime now I have been thinking about and anticipating the rush I was going to experience for a whole week of riding a Cannondale Moterra SE.- a full-suspension e-mountain bike. Now I’ve got one. In fact, I’ve got two. Let me explain. Neil, our Cannondale … Continue reading Review: Cannondale Moterra SE

The Age We Live In

For those of us born in what is seemingly another era - pre-digital times - the world has time-warped into a wacky and wonder-filled place in which we exist and have to try to navigate. Almost daily, we witness the ever-accelerating emergence of new technologies. New tech is affecting almost every aspect of human (and … Continue reading The Age We Live In

Review: BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X

Written by Derry Bunting (Gears Oakville) I recently had the opportunity to ride the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X eBike from our Oakville shop home to Mississauga and back again on my 24 kilometre daily commute! I couldn’t be more excited about this bike! The Rebel Gravel X is a High Performance Electric Pedal Assist … Continue reading Review: BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel-X

Epic 8, Electrified!

This past Saturday I had a great opportunity to represent the Gears Brand at the Spring Epic 8 MTB Relay Race, a fun-filled grassroots mountain bike race presented by the good folks at Chico Racing. In years past I would have been one of the racers on the course, flying the colours for the LapDogs … Continue reading Epic 8, Electrified!

There’s No Biz Like Bike Biz! Wow, What A Show

Awesome certainly applies, but it was so much more! Energetic, engaging, enlightening, social, inspiring, friendly, respectful, collegial, and professional. But more than anything, it was fun! The Toronto International Bike Show was an amazing experience for me! Having entered the bicycle biz just last April, this was my first ‘Show’ as an exhibitor, and it … Continue reading There’s No Biz Like Bike Biz! Wow, What A Show

The E-Bike Challenge and Sweet Reward

By Louisa Mursell, Executive Director, Ontario By Bike Editor's Note: Originally published in the 2018 Cycling in Ontario / Le vélo en Ontario guide. View online version at E-bikes make you look. Whether you notice as they whiz by you on your push pedals or you’re an innocent bystander noting something just isn’t right with … Continue reading The E-Bike Challenge and Sweet Reward