Roadies on eBikes… yeah, its happening!

We recently came across this cool and inspiring video about eBikes posted by the "roadie" folks at GCN. (Global Cycling Network). Traditionally, very road-centric, these guys live and breath road-bikes... but are also open and very willing to look at new technologies and opportunities. Tested by two very fit “fast and skinny” roadies whom are both … Continue reading Roadies on eBikes… yeah, its happening!

Easy Motion – Factory Rebate Offer

Just a quick "plug" today to let our readers know that Easy Motion is offering a $200 Factory Rebate on their eBikes sold between now and January 1, 2018. Gears Bike Shop is proud to be an exclusive dealer for Easy Motion bikes in the GTA. And in the coming days, we're expecting an influx … Continue reading Easy Motion – Factory Rebate Offer

“It is not a donkey and it is not horse. Maybe it’s a mule.”

By Henry Gold, Founder of TDA Global Cycling “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius “It is not a donkey and it is not horse. Maybe it’s a mule.” – Gizaw Shibru, Bamboo Road e-bike tester It was 25 years ago when I attended a bicycle show in Taiwan and came … Continue reading “It is not a donkey and it is not horse. Maybe it’s a mule.”

eBike for Little Shredders…?

Okay… as someone who is reasonably new to the eBike Wave, I’ve become a pretty fast convert to the concept. One thing that has become pretty evident is that eBikes are changing things for riders of all types, and abilities. They are fast becoming a great way for anyone to enjoy the pleasures and freedom … Continue reading eBike for Little Shredders…?

The E-Bike Fad – It’s OK, It’s Almost Over

Now, Hold On and Get Ready For 2018 Early Adopters come from all sectors of society and they crossover to many differing types of products and processes. By leading with their need to know about new things in the marketplace, Early Adopters fuel the various emerging markets and social movements when there is little other … Continue reading The E-Bike Fad – It’s OK, It’s Almost Over

Cheating? Perhaps You Need to See the Bigger Picture! 

Worldwide, a more thoughtful, ethical, meaningful and sustainable consumerism is being practiced by millions. Once again, a complete stranger feels ok to denigrate my choice of transportation because, apparently, it isn’t as pure as is his method of getting around. Once again, an e-bike rider (me) is chastised for using a ‘cheater’ bike. While it’s … Continue reading Cheating? Perhaps You Need to See the Bigger Picture! 

Bike Lockers in Town

Today started out with a plan to replace some documents lost when my wallet went missing. By using the e-bike I’m riding this week I thought I’d save time and so off I went, along with my trusted Kryptonite lock of course. My route was straight down the Christie St. bike lane to Bloor St. … Continue reading Bike Lockers in Town

Gain an advantage with Orbea?

Over breakfast and while pursuing the usual social media (bike geek) feeds, an announcement in Bike Radar suddenly caught my attention. This article was about the introduction of a new line of Gain eBikes from Orbea (a world-class bike manufacture based in the Spain). At first glance these bike look like any other bike out … Continue reading Gain an advantage with Orbea?

Fish the Future

Given that a few of the Gears crew at our Oakville store are also avid fishermen (I think they actually like to be called anglers), we knew it wouldn’t take long for them to find a unique connection between fishing and cycling. And here is what they found… Seems that the Vail Valley Anglers (a … Continue reading Fish the Future

PwC Epic Tour… on an eBike!

If you need any indication that eBikes are becoming more and more accepted as a great way to get around and enjoy a lovely day on the bike... look no further than the annual GTA Granfondo taking place this September 10th. The folks at PwC Epic Tour have recognized that eBikes are a big part … Continue reading PwC Epic Tour… on an eBike!