My Sweet Ride & The Best Croissant, Ever!

Finally, the ride I’ve been waiting for and working for all summer, is mine. At the beginning of the season, I was teased into thinking it would come my way a little earlier than it did. Oh well, life doesn’t always pan out the way it’s planned out, and who can really complain when all that angst is in the past. Now that I have my Vado 4.0 (I’m naming it EldoVado) I can only look upward and go onward.

Fleur de Jour

Suddenly, with my Specialized Vado, I’m inclined to think up places to go with it. And now that I’m thinking about going places, having a destination would probably be a good idea. Initially and immediately, I thought of food! So I’m going off (on my Vado) in search of food, and in this instance, inspired by a local establishment, the specific food is called the croissant.

Owner FleurduJour

Although probably not that original, I’m calling my search Quest for the Best…and in this croissant case, it’s the quest for the best real French croissant, baked by real French-trained pastry chefs. My best real croissant so far is from my neighbourhood Fleur du Jours at 603 St. Clair W near Wychwood. So now that I have the bar set (and set fairly high I might add), I’m starting to research and plan my next croissant conquest in the Quest for the Best to see if there is a more impressive croissant out there. 

Not only am I personaIy going on this search, I’m inviting anyone who cares to join my quest for the best to send in any entry you feel is deserving to be in the ‘competition’. Once we’ve   got a few competing patisseries to consider, I’ll get croissants from each of them for a ‘formal’ judging.

So now, on to the research. My next post in this quest will follow the leads/suggestions I get. More croissant quests to come…More croissant pounds to pedal away…


See you out there,

Cycling The 6ix

WOW! The Meadoway is Awesome!

Great news for anyone who believes in nature and cycling. I read on Blog T.O. that over the next seven years, Toronto will invest in building a continuous trail from downtown Toronto to the Rouge Valley in Scarborough.


The project’s progress can be followed on their web site ( where it states, “The Meadoway is transforming a barren power corridor into a vibrant 16-kilometre stretch of urban greenspace and meadowlands that will become one of Canada’s largest linear urban parks.”  “The Meadoway will connect 4 ravines, 15 parks, 20 kilometres of trail, 34 neighbourhoods, 500 acres, and more than 1,000 diverse species of flora and fauna.

If you believe in:

  • Access to nature
  • Cleaner and greener mobility
  • Safer cycling and active transportation
  • Growing your own food
  • Building stronger communities…!

…then this project is for you!


This is awesome news for everyone in the area of the project, and also for all cyclists – on both conventional and e-bikes. Now, people who wish to commute by bicycle from the north east will have a safe corridor to travel toward downtown. E-bike commuters and leisure riders will love this new development in the continuing evolution of safe cycling infrastructure.

Even though it will not be completed until 2025, I will be e-xploring what is currently in place and seeing how far I can go from the Don Valley toward the Toronto Zoo in the Rouge.

Cycling The 6ix

See you there!

(images are from website)