Test Ride: Easy Motion, EVO Cross

Today, I ventured out on the Evo Cross from Easy Motion – what an awesome e-bike experience. The mission was to head to the nearest ravine/bike path (Cedarvale Lower & Upper), over Eglinton and up Marlee to pick up the Beltline as a way to put the bike through its paces.


Sporting a beautiful colour scheme, and looking very sleek and not much like an e-bike, the Evo Cross is an ideal urban vehicle. It can be all business as it carries you from point A to B with style and efficiency, or it can be the adventure vehicle that you take to explore the trails in Southern Ontario.

The Cross is just one of many models in the e-bike line up from Easy Motion. Within the spectrum of their offerings, they provide a solid solution to whatever the rider seeks in transportation and/or fun.

Easy Motion is the e-bike division of BH Bicycle Co. of Spain. BH is one of Europe’s premier bicycle designers and manufacturers and Gears is very proud to carry their products for the GTA market and beyond.

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