Caught in an electric Trance!

Now that we’re done with the obvious, yet necessary pun…

Powerful. Capable. Inspiring. The 2019 Trance SX E+ Pro 1 introduces a different style of riding to your typical rip in the trails and is an experience like no other; from smartphone connectivity to ride quality, this bike is awesome! I rode it around the city and in the Don Valley for two days, and it was hard to get the smile off my face!


Around the city, the instant power makes stop signs and red lights less of a nuisance, now that your acceleration of the line closely matches a car’s. The 140mm of travel in the rear and 160mm in front, renders potholes, bumps and streetcar tracks meaningless, especially when paired with the beefy 27.5+ tires. For a commuter this monster of a bike gives you confidence, speed and comfort, all while you get to work or school without sweating. It also makes that little piece of single track you pass by that much more tempting, knowing you won’t be late and won’t be defeated by the Dons’ punchy cliffside climbs.

DSC_1900 (1)

For my own riding and the trails I frequent, (lower Don, Science center and Loblaws areas) the highest level of assist is just too powerful! I found myself mostly using Levels 2 or 3, out of the 5, and still with significant benefit from the extra torque and power, meaning my two-hour ride covered more distance, because I didn’t need to stop and catch my breath.

Now for the Tech side of things. The Giant Aluxx frame, Fox suspension, Shimano XT 1×11 group with 4-piston brakes and Maxxis Minion DH tires, all deliver a predictable, smooth and responsive ride.


The 2019 Trance SX E+ Pro 1 features their SyncroDrive Pro motor which delivers “360% support.” (Meaning tons of fun!) The weight, being an eBike, is still a downfall in my mind and does take some getting used to in-air and in tight technical sections.

All-in-all this bike is crazy fun and seriously impressive.

Special Thanks to Giant Bicycles Canada for providing this beast of a bike.

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Firmware… Keep it up to date

Firmware up-grades for your eBike?

Yes… this is a thing. Today’s eBike feature very hi-tech batteries, motor drives and onboard computers that keep everything running and operating to maximum efficiency. And like any other computer… from your smartphone to desktop, every once in a while, it needs a firmware upgrade.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.37.05 PM

Most eBikes brands that are utilizing Bosch or Shimano drives have a regular updates that comes out every 6 months or so.

Why is this important…?

To answer this, lets look at the Bosch system. It has a 32 bit processor onboard that learns how you have been riding. As this data is collected, the system adjusts to save your battery power and makes the system more efficient. Regular updates allow the onboard processor to be fresh and current. Information collected from the processor is also of great value should your eBike have issues that can only be resolved via the shop’s diagnostic tools.


Other systems have similar technology and requirements.

The Yamaha system (currently available on Giant eBikes) has a 16 bit processor inside the motor. This too needs regular updates to remain current. Utilizing the Yamaha BluePed app (Android and Apple compatible) allows you to monitor the performance and functionality of your Yamaha equipped eBike. EBike service shops (such as Gears) will have the more sophisticated GreenPed utility, which allows for deeper diagnostic and processor maintenance.

Most Specialized eBikes work with the Specialized Mission Control app (Android and Apple). This app allows the consumer to do their own updates and monitor the bike’s performance, but the bike’s history still needs shop-level diagnostics should something go wrong with the drive unit.

Emotion (Easy Motion) also has an awesome App (Android and Apple compatible). With the addition of a Bluetooth module, this app can give you electrical assist when your heart rate reaches a preset value. Like all other eBikes, Emotion firmware should be updated every 6 months to year.

Regardless of your eBike, just like regular mechanical service, firmware updates will make your bike happier and more efficiant. Next time you’re at the shop for regular service, be sure to ask the technician to check the version of software your bike is currently running. Chances are…, it could use an update.

Editors Note: Special thanks to Greg Celovsky, Lead Service Technician (and eBike Guru) at Gears Bike Shop Mississauga, for accumulating this information on eBike Firmware.