My Sweet Ride & The Best Croissant, Ever!

Finally, the ride I’ve been waiting for and working for all summer, is mine. At the beginning of the season, I was teased into thinking it would come my way a little earlier than it did. Oh well, life doesn’t always pan out the way it’s planned out, and who can really complain when all that angst is in the past. Now that I have my Vado 4.0 (I’m naming it EldoVado) I can only look upward and go onward.

Fleur de Jour

Suddenly, with my Specialized Vado, I’m inclined to think up places to go with it. And now that I’m thinking about going places, having a destination would probably be a good idea. Initially and immediately, I thought of food! So I’m going off (on my Vado) in search of food, and in this instance, inspired by a local establishment, the specific food is called the croissant.

Owner FleurduJour

Although probably not that original, I’m calling my search Quest for the Best…and in this croissant case, it’s the quest for the best real French croissant, baked by real French-trained pastry chefs. My best real croissant so far is from my neighbourhood Fleur du Jours at 603 St. Clair W near Wychwood. So now that I have the bar set (and set fairly high I might add), I’m starting to research and plan my next croissant conquest in the Quest for the Best to see if there is a more impressive croissant out there. 

Not only am I personaIy going on this search, I’m inviting anyone who cares to join my quest for the best to send in any entry you feel is deserving to be in the ‘competition’. Once we’ve   got a few competing patisseries to consider, I’ll get croissants from each of them for a ‘formal’ judging.

So now, on to the research. My next post in this quest will follow the leads/suggestions I get. More croissant quests to come…More croissant pounds to pedal away…


See you out there,

Cycling The 6ix

Test Ride: Pedego – City Commuter

Today, I took out a Pedego City Commuter for the ride home and my end-of-the-day takeaway is that it has definitely earned its place in the rising popularity of e-bikes. Pedego’s City Commuter is a Class 2 e-bike and its name says it all (almost).

Pedago City Commuter

This bike is a commuting beast, and although it can certainly be used to run local errands as well as go on recreational rides, it seems singularly well designed for commuting. What the name leaves out is the fun aspect of riding it. The City Commuter handles city roads easily, and blends into traffic effortlessly with pedal assist. If, however, you find yourself in a particularly sticky situation where a little bit of brisk acceleration will alter the traffic dynamics in your favour for safety, then the City Commuter’s power-on-demand throttle is conveniently available for your benefit. Simply twist the right half-grip to engage the powerful 500w motor and you are quickly and effortlessly on your way.

Overall, the combination of the upright riding position and the power delivered through its drive train gives the rider a feeling of being in full control. Contributing to this overall feeling is the bike’s heftiness. It must also be said that although it provides a great sense of security when riding, the 30kg (66lb) weight makes it a little difficult to lift if or when the need arises. The Pedego City Commuter represents the top American-made entry in the category of commuter e-bikes.

For the most part, we live and work in the GTA and for anyone researching and/or considering an e-bike for their commuting pleasure (did we mention the fun aspect of riding one?), the City Commuter should definitely be in the running. To test ride one is to understand, so come into Gears anytime to ask for a review and test ride; it may just change your outlook on getting around the city.