My Sweet Ride & The Best Croissant, Ever!

Finally, the ride I’ve been waiting for and working for all summer, is mine. At the beginning of the season, I was teased into thinking it would come my way a little earlier than it did. Oh well, life doesn’t always pan out the way it’s planned out, and who can really complain when all … Continue reading My Sweet Ride & The Best Croissant, Ever!

Test Ride: Pedego – City Commuter

Today, I took out a Pedego City Commuter for the ride home and my end-of-the-day takeaway is that it has definitely earned its place in the rising popularity of e-bikes. Pedego’s City Commuter is a Class 2 e-bike and its name says it all (almost). This bike is a commuting beast, and although it can … Continue reading Test Ride: Pedego – City Commuter