Winter Riding and Commuting in the City

Its been pretty remarkable watching the increase in the number of riders these past couple of years. During the current pandemic, the volume of commuters in the city have been remarkable. Add to this the increase in bike lanes and bike paths and its easy to see why so many people choose their bicycle over … Continue reading Winter Riding and Commuting in the City

Ride Inside : Smart Trainer or Dumb?

As the weather turns towards cooler days and the thoughts of riding your brand new bike through the pending snow, salt and slush has little to no appeal, many cyclists turn their attention towards riding inside during the "off-season." If you are a serious cycling veteran, this is something we do every year. And at … Continue reading Ride Inside : Smart Trainer or Dumb?

5 Winter Riding Tips | #RideAllYear

With some simple upgrades to your bike, it will be more than ready to handle the cold slushy months. The first item is tires - swap to a pair of snow or winter specific tires that will give you the grip and confidence you want on the snowy roads.Read more...

Baby its cold outside

Okay… let’s face it. The days are getting shorter and colder. Fall is officially here and winter is not far behind. If you ride an eBike, you may be wondering about whether your bike can handle the cold. Well, the short answer is yes. However, there as several things you should consider to help keep … Continue reading Baby its cold outside