5 Winter Riding Tips | #RideAllYear

With some simple upgrades to your bike, it will be more than ready to handle the cold slushy months. The first item is tires - swap to a pair of snow or winter specific tires that will give you the grip and confidence you want on the snowy roads.Read more...

Firmware… Keep it up to date

Firmware up-grades for your eBike? Yes… this is a thing. Today’s eBike feature very hi-tech batteries, motor drives and onboard computers that keep everything running and operating to maximum efficiency. And like any other computer… from your smartphone to desktop, every once in a while, it needs a firmware upgrade. Most eBikes brands that are … Continue reading Firmware… Keep it up to date

Baby its cold outside

Okay… let’s face it. The days are getting shorter and colder. Fall is officially here and winter is not far behind. If you ride an eBike, you may be wondering about whether your bike can handle the cold. Well, the short answer is yes. However, there as several things you should consider to help keep … Continue reading Baby its cold outside

3 Tips to keep your eBike battery healthy

We found these 3 Tips in an article on the Pedego website (click link for the full article) and thought it contained some very good information about the care and maintenance of your eBike's battery. (we also felt the Pedego would not mind us sharing this information with you) #1. Keep The Battery Cool Environmental … Continue reading 3 Tips to keep your eBike battery healthy

So… is it going to rain?

DarkSky.net Start time at the shop was noon, but all morning CBC Radio One has been talking about rain coming and staying around till nighttime. The commuter e-bike I’m trying this week isn’t equipped with fenders, so I thought it best to consult DarkSky.net to see what messiness was heading our way, and when. After … Continue reading So… is it going to rain?

Tires, too much pressure… or not enough?

Tire pressure has two primary impacts on how your tires perform. First, it affects grip and the rider's ability to control and handle the bike in corners or over rough terrain. Second, it affects rolling resistance and the amount of effort and energy a rider need to maintain forward momentum. Grip Levels The more your … Continue reading Tires, too much pressure… or not enough?