Live Long and e-Bike

Here’s the thing, we all want to live a strong, long life. For some perhaps, living longer is a little more top of mind because they are over 50 and out of shape – it is a common situation for many. If this is you, your doctor has likely told you that you need to get into a regular physical routine, or you simply know this intuitively. The point is physical activity is one of the keys to living longer, stronger.


Along with the good fortune of a solid gene package, I credit sports and fitness in early life and the habit developed from that discipline with the ability to live with physical strength. From time to time though, circumstances would create lulls, or gaps in my fitness routine and I could feel my strength ebbing from week to week. Recognizing the benefits from being fit, getting back into a routine has never been particularly difficult.

That is until later in life when the natural strength of youth is but a distant memory. At that point it’s not as easy to spring back into working out when you have been away from it for three months. That’s the situation I found myself in last spring.

You may be wondering about the e-bike angle, so here it is. It was my interest in e-bikes that led me to Gears in the first place, and it had been three months without physical fitness of any sort when I started riding an e-bike to and from work every day.

Once passed the sore legs and butt phase, I started to really get into it and began trying to better my time. A month in, I had improved the strength in my legs arms and shoulders. With a heightened sense of strength and well being, I decided to get back to the gym to round out biking with a weight training routine. That too had its associated aches and pains, but now that it has been a month, I’m feeling strong again.

The point of this post is important because it’s about extending your life or that of someone close to you. If, as I was, you have been away from physical fitness as part of your daily lifestyle consider what a pedal-assist electric bicycle could do to help get you back on the path to better physical condition. It’s way more fun than the gym.

Getting fitness into your daily routine will be a life-changing decision and an e-bike can be the vehicle that becomes your conduit to a more physical you. A test ride is the first step in understanding how beneficial an e-bike can be in helping regain a more natural life balance. Drop into any of our locations to learn about e-bikes and take a test ride. You might just discover a fun way to get stronger and add years to your life.

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