Fish the Future

Given that a few of the Gears crew at our Oakville store are also avid fishermen (I think they actually like to be called anglers), we knew it wouldn’t take long for them to find a unique connection between fishing and cycling.

And here is what they found…


Seems that the Vail Valley Anglers (a well respected fly-fishing tour company located in Colorado), have gone one step further than the typical fishing excursion with a collection of very cool eBike / Fishing Trips.

This is all a part of their ongoing efforts to encourage sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint. (and yeah, making fishing a whole lot more dynamic)

Led by experienced guides, participants will “pedal” along the banks of the Eagle River looking for the very best trout fishing spots. By using eBikes over cars, the anglers no longer need to find a spot along the riverbank with proper parking and can easily search out more remote and less-visited sections of the river. Which is a huge advantage during the height of the season when the area is most busy.

For more information, be sure to check out their Vail Valley Anglers website.

Fish the Future!


(Photos from the Vail Valley Anglers website)

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