Best Commute Possible? Why an eBike might be the answer.

As many cyclists already know, in a city like Toronto, commuting by bicycle is faster than cars and motorcycles, and now using big data from smartphones it has been proven. 


Significant data gathered from the smartphones of delivery companies (i.e. Deliveroo) and couriers, shows that peddled two-wheel city travel is faster than motor-driven vehicles, and with this evidence, that fact would now seem irrefutable.

However, the relative speed of a city commute isn’t the only consideration regarding the best way to commute, other factors are fairly important as well, especially in today’s ever-quickening pace of life. One must also consider the fitness factor, the mental health aspect, the environmental impact and the benefit of arriving at your place of work, or home at the end of the day, in a refreshed, more buoyant mood.

But, I hear you say, what about arriving in a lathered-up state of sweat and needing a shower. Well my friends, that’s where eBikes come into the picture.

brose - specs

It’s not that you can’t get a serious work out on an eBike, it’s just that you don’t have to, it’s all your choice to control. This is one of the fabulous things about commuter eBikes, they actually increase the ways you can use them. Commute? Obviously, even faster than a regular bike. Little errands? Easy, Smeasy. Take the kids to daycare? Add the accessories to safely accommodate your needs, and it’s one of the best ways to teach kids the fun of physical activity as a way of life. And of course, just heading out for a leisurely and fun ride, alone or with others, brings out the smiles that cycling always creates on the faces of riders.

Should you want a workout kind of ride, just turn the ‘e’ system off and ride it like a regular bike. How you choose to ride is up to you, full control is at your fingertips at any time. This is what gives you a wider range of use with an eBike.

Fleur de Jour

Of course, there is another angle to consider regarding commuting by pedal-power and it talks to an intangible human trait relating to the added peace of mind attained from doing something good the world’s environment, and in a small yet important way, for the benefit of all humanity.

Through this independent move to a friendlier way to commute, we help make a change by becoming a part of a mass movement in altering society’s direction. Choosing to cycle to work or school may seem like a small act, but collectively, people around the world are doing just that in increasing numbers.

Check online to learn how this movement is getting more people on two-wheels than ever, and if you would like to understand why, come in to any of our Gears shops to test ride an eBike. You will quickly understand why this is the fastest growing segment in the cycling universe!


See you in the shop, or out there…

Cycling The 6ix

Photos Thanks to Specialized Bicycles | @specialized_ca

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