Test Ride: Cannondale Synapse NEO, a great equalizer on the road.

At Gears, we’ve been delving into the e-Bike market for several years and we’ve seen the incredible joy and fun they bring to those who “discover” what this technology has to offer. They have become a great equalizer on many fronts, and beyond that, they have brought the adventures of cycling to a new type … Continue reading Test Ride: Cannondale Synapse NEO, a great equalizer on the road.

Epic 8, Electrified!

This past Saturday I had a great opportunity to represent the Gears Brand at the Spring Epic 8 MTB Relay Race, a fun-filled grassroots mountain bike race presented by the good folks at Chico Racing. In years past I would have been one of the racers on the course, flying the colours for the LapDogs … Continue reading Epic 8, Electrified!

Lock it… or lose it.

Ever had your bike stolen? Chance are if you’ve been living in Toronto for any length of time and have owned a bicycle, you may have answered yes. Speaking personally, with well over 25 years of riding a bike in the city I’ve been very lucky have never had one of my bikes stolen. Optimistic … Continue reading Lock it… or lose it.

Baby its cold outside

Okay… let’s face it. The days are getting shorter and colder. Fall is officially here and winter is not far behind. If you ride an eBike, you may be wondering about whether your bike can handle the cold. Well, the short answer is yes. However, there as several things you should consider to help keep … Continue reading Baby its cold outside

eBike for Little Shredders…?

Okay… as someone who is reasonably new to the eBike Wave, I’ve become a pretty fast convert to the concept. One thing that has become pretty evident is that eBikes are changing things for riders of all types, and abilities. They are fast becoming a great way for anyone to enjoy the pleasures and freedom … Continue reading eBike for Little Shredders…?

Gain an advantage with Orbea?

Over breakfast and while pursuing the usual social media (bike geek) feeds, an announcement in Bike Radar suddenly caught my attention. This article was about the introduction of a new line of Gain eBikes from Orbea (a world-class bike manufacture based in the Spain). At first glance these bike look like any other bike out … Continue reading Gain an advantage with Orbea?

Fish the Future

Given that a few of the Gears crew at our Oakville store are also avid fishermen (I think they actually like to be called anglers), we knew it wouldn’t take long for them to find a unique connection between fishing and cycling. And here is what they found… Seems that the Vail Valley Anglers (a … Continue reading Fish the Future

3 Tips to keep your eBike battery healthy

We found these 3 Tips in an article on the Pedego website (click link for the full article) and thought it contained some very good information about the care and maintenance of your eBike's battery. (we also felt the Pedego would not mind us sharing this information with you) #1. Keep The Battery Cool Environmental … Continue reading 3 Tips to keep your eBike battery healthy

Focus… on the Future

So this is pretty cool… Focus Bikes (known for creating some of the very best bikes in the world) is investing in the future of cycling with the development of high-performance road bikes which feature, fully integrated electric motors. Developed under their Project Y Program, Focus is looking to create bicycles that have all the same ride … Continue reading Focus… on the Future

Tires, too much pressure… or not enough?

Tire pressure has two primary impacts on how your tires perform. First, it affects grip and the rider's ability to control and handle the bike in corners or over rough terrain. Second, it affects rolling resistance and the amount of effort and energy a rider need to maintain forward momentum. Grip Levels The more your … Continue reading Tires, too much pressure… or not enough?