EBikes Can Give a New Lease on Life After Illness or Injury!

Written by Derry Bunting (Gears Oakville Staff)

Earlier this summer we had a customer, lets call her Mary, come by our Oakville location to find out what eBikes were all about. For years Mary, now in her late 50’s, had been doing weekly Sunday Gravel Rides with a group of her girlfriends, usually on routes like the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail, a total of about 70 kilometres out and back.

About 4 years ago, Mary was diagnosed with cancer, and went through about 18 months of treatments including Chemotherapy and Radiation. As they usually do, these treatments really took a physical toll on Mary, and it was another 18 months before she felt physically able to ride again. With an approval from her doctor to do so, Mary was anxious to get back to those Sunday Gravel Rides with her girlfriends.

Not unexpectedly, but much to her disappointment, about 30 minutes into that first ride, Mary had to turn back for home. She was heartbroken to find just didn’t have the strength or stamina to stay with the group and do more. Determined to find a way to get riding the full rides with her group again, she decided to check out ebikes as a solution. 

Fully expecting her only option to be the upright, urban style e-bikes like the Pedegos, Mary was thrilled when she saw the drop bar gravel grinder style eBikes like the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel X and the Giant Toughroad E+ GX.

After just one test ride, Mary bought the BH Easy Motion Rebel Gravel X on the spot!


Mary is now back in the saddle again, fully participating every Sunday in those group rides from start to finish, and last time we spoke she was thrilled to tell me about the plans her group was making to do the 200 km P’tit train du Nord ride this September, 4 days and 3 nights through Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains from Mont Laurier to St. Jerome.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear all about their trip when they return.

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